Lesley practices the highly acclaimed Richards Trauma Release Process when treating people with severe trauma.

The Richards Process is a highly advanced method used to resolve massive trauma problems such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as well as anxiety, depression, fears and phobias in most cases in 3 or 4 short sessions.

This process completely bypasses talking therapy to release the trauma. Previously, clients have been attending sessions with mental health practitioners for years without ever getting truly better. In fact, re-living traumas week after week by talking about them can actually keep the mental illness going reenacting horrible events that led to the living hell the client exits in. Whether it be a single traumatic event or a series of events or abuse, this process works.

The Richards Process uses specialised hypnosis techniques to get to those parts of the brain that have not registered that the trauma IS OVER. The toxic loop between areas of the brain constantly emitting stress chemicals to warn of impending danger is brought to a state of calm and safety.
The memories are relegated to the past …..where they belong.

What is left is a feeling of joy, and the ability to really live your life. The events that caused the mental pain and suffering are relegated to ‘just a bad memory’ without the emotional charge and anguish.

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