Lesley takes you on your very own exploration of your past lives. You are hypnotised to a deep level of trance yet Lesley hypnotises in such a way that you can easily speak to answer her questions and relay the scenes and information you are getting. This allows her to direct you to memories and events that will give the most beneficial information  for your healing – or for the answers you are seeking.

If you would like to discover a latent talent you had in a previous incarnation we can explore skills and talents learned in previous incarnations. Music, Healing, Painting – the sky is the limit – your unconscious mind and memories will direct us there. Then you may choose to peruse your talents – and the results will be amazing.

We also have Past Life Regression Workshops:

In a Past Life Workshop we are likely to meet up with members of our own soul group. Like magnets or perhaps with the help of our spirit guides via synchronicity we are drawn to the same event. Lesley has run workshops where several people experienced the same past life and can tell the group the same experiences. In this life they may be meeting for the first time. Sometimes it’s a beautiful confirmation that  they are  soul friends, or even soul mates.

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