Lesley is a Clinical Hypnotherapist who expertly bridges science and spirituality. She’s been around the block – and gained much of her education while a single mother in a foreign country.  She has had down to earth  personal life experiences and has had her share of tragedy, trauma and grief – so in a nutshell – she gets it! Life is about thriving – but sometimes we need help to get there.

Always interested in the whole person – mind body and spirit,  Lesley initially trained in clinical hypnosis in 1986 (when working as a hospital physiotherapist) to  help those in chronic pain that physical therapies didn’t help. She realized in some people there was more to the pain story that just tissue damage or a herniated disc. All aspects of a person is affected whether the injury is emotional or physical.

Other holistic and effective therapies Lesley has trained in include Acupuncture and Reconnective Healing – Lesley is a powerful energetic healer and brings in energy healing frequencies no matter what else she is doing! You’ll love the atmosphere in her practice!!

Lesley finds The Richards Trauma Process as the most effective,  fastest and no nonsense way to deal with depression, anxiety, trauma, phobias and many other issues. This process is so real and the healing profound. It is done using hypnosis and NOT a talking therapy so there is no re-triggering of old issues. Acupuncture and energetic healing modalities DO make you feel better – but they can be like bandaid therapies. The Richard Process gets to the core of the problems and the results are about permanent and profound change – mental, physical and spiritual.

Lesley also uses hypnosis for the Virtual Gastric Band and Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes.

Lesley runs Past Life Regression individual sessions and workshops. Some people like to explore past lives for fun – like tourists but if they are looking for answers for current day problems it may be best to start with the current life! Lesley makes her clients aware that THIS is the most important life and the Unconscious mind, where ALL memories are stored may not allow a visit to a past life when current issues need to be resolved for this life.  Having said that – Some amazing healings have occurred where the residue of past life traumas have had a substantial a bearing on this life. Stay tuned!! Blogs will be posted on some of these amazing sessions where the participants have given permission for publication.

Lesley likes to train with the best including:

Richards Trauma Release with Judith Richards.

Professional Past Life Regression training with Dr Brian Weiss (Many Lives Many Masters) in New York

Professional Past Life Regression training with Peter Smith and Colleen Dooley of the

The Institute of Energetic Transformation in Melbourne (Affiliated with the Michael Newton Institute)

Graduate Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnoenergetics Peter Smith and Colleen

Dooley of The Institute of Energetic Transformation in Melbourne (Affiliated with the Michael Newton Institute)

Virtual Gastric Band with Sheila Granger who pioneered the hypnotic gastric band in London.

Reconnective Healing with Dr Eric Pearl of The Reconnection

Graduate Diploma in Nutrition Medicine from the University of New England with Professor Mel Sydney- Smith

Lesley is a radio presenter/interviewer on VOX FM (106.9) Her programme is called Health Nuts and streams live alternate Thursdays from 12 noon to 1pm – Eastern Australia Time

Lesley has been a Clinical Educator for the University of Sydney (Physiotherapy)and has coordinated Chronic Pain Management Programs for the Commonwealth Government. Whilst in her own Private Practice she has run workshops in Pain Management, and Hypnotic Relaxation and Meditation groups. She has run a successful Physiotherapy, Nutrition Medicine and  Acupuncture clinic for many years working holistically, with a special interest in PTSD.

You can contact Lesley at The Teal Flame Healing Centre here.