All our memories, from this life and beyond, are stored in our energy fields. How we feel emotionally about events and our beliefs about those events all have a vibrational energy. This energy is like a fingerprint of who we are – It is imprinted on our immortal soul, and in our bodies, shaping who we believe we are. Our immortal souls are pure love and we are souls in a body. We can release negative imprints on our energy fields that are held in the body using Clinical Hypnosis  and Hypnoenergetics.

We carry all of our experiences with us in our energy fields. We are surrounded by everything that has ever happened to us and the beliefs and feelings we store from those events.

These events are held energetically in the deeper realms of who we are, that wonderful archive that we call the subconscious mind. We hold our greatest fears and our deepest potential as the great paradox of the human condition.

Hypnotherapy is one of the few modalities that allows for you to be guided to self explore and empowers you in your own healing.

We use a number of approaches in a Hypnoenergetics session that create a deep and transformational experience

Whereas the language of the conscious mind is ‘time’, the language of the subconscious is ‘energy’. Where Hypnoenergetics is different is in that we understand that our history, recorded subconsciously is held in packets of energy that can accumulate over a lifetime or even beyond. Our intention is to find this energy, release it & replace those energies with ones that will serve our clients in their day to day life. Our approach is different from other forms of Hypnotherapy, in that we focus on the energetic release mechanisms that transform people’s lives.

Our practitioners throughout their training have experienced personal transformation and all of the release mechanisms first hand which has enabled them to become heart based therapists. There are a whole range of process and visualizations such as handing feelings back, cutting cords, childhood rescue techniques, Soul Voice, Life Review, Timeline work, Energy Field Clearing visualizations, Clearing the Energetic Lineage, Guide work & many more that the practitioner has available, to assist the client in their healing and exploration.

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